Hitman Pro Antivirus 2020

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Hitman Pro is a product that belongs to Sophos (a company that delivers all kinds of security software). It’s an interesting program that was developed to detect and remove malware. While it runs on Windows only, it has several advantages to make up for it. Firstly, it’s extremely lightweight and portable. There is no necessity to install it to scan the device. It uses databases from 4 security labs to be as efficient as possible. Using the 30-day free trial opportunity, you may evaluate the quality of services for yourself and decide if it’s worth buying. Let’s go over some often occurring questions about Hitman Pro.

Is it easy to use Hitman Pro?

While some users look at Hitman Pro antivirus and see a confusing interface, it’s not too complicated. Yes, it takes some time to get used to it. However, the latest versions are more user-friendly and simplified.

The main window has only 3 sections: Settings, Next, and Close. If you want to run a scan, you must click on Next. Unlike other software that offers to press on Start or Scan, Hitman Pro decides to pick another title to the button. The rest is pretty much the same. You adjust the settings or close the window using the corresponding buttons.

The Settings section covers all configurations you can change as well as see the results of the scans. Each report is profound and filled with information about every blocked threat. Once you get used to these nontraditional categories and titles, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of using the program.

What does Hitman Pro offer to users?

The company has 2 versions of the program: Malware Protection and Alert. While they are very much alike, HitmanPro Alert has more features. It’s a more expensive solution that delivers a bit more than just malware protection. Yet, it won’t’ be enough to substitute antivirus.

When choosing the subscription plan, you can pick whether you want to cover one or three devices with one license. The price will differ accordingly.

Should you buy Hitman Pro?

While it’s a very controversial program, you should consider it as another layer of protection. This way, you are sure to like it a lot. It’s effective, lightweight, and fast. In case you are looking to buy antivirus that has all sorts of protection included, this isn’t the best solution.

What are the drawbacks of the program?

There are several things you should account for before the purchase. Firstly, it doesn’t work on Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc. It doesn’t work on any platform except Windows. On the bright side, it supports all Windows versions, even the outdated ones.

The company doesn’t offer live chat support. You can’t contact the support team via phone either. Some users dislike it as using email to solve occurring issues is rather time-consuming.

As we’ve discussed a bit earlier, the interface might seem confusing due to uncommon terms used. Some confusing points exist but it gets simpler when you get used to them.

Finally, it’s not enough for complete protection. Even after you buy an annual plan, you’ll still require another antivirus solution. Hitman Pro works better as an additional protection tool. It’s good at what it does but the developers focused it on malware only. Other kinds of threats can still get through.

The verdict

All in all, Hitman Pro delivers great malware protection at detects 100% of threats. It’s also good at recognizing and stopping zero-day threats. However, this isn’t enough to keep your device completely safe from other sorts of threats like phishing sites, hackers, etc. It also works on Windows only, meaning you’ll have to look for other options if you have another operating system.