Best mobile antivirus on the market

Best mobile antivirus on the market

ESET is a well-known Slovakian company that provides software for computers and mobile devices. Its first antivirus was launched in the end of 1987 and now the company offers software for all platforms (Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Android). The products of ESET company have gone a long way and now have a firm place on the market. Your Android Safety – Eset antivirus for Android if you really want to have stable and convenient smartphone user experience.

Benefits of mobile antiviruses

The market of antiviruses for mobile devices like smartphones is not as well established as the one for computer platforms. Users all over the world usually do not find it necessary to fill the limited storage of their device with additional software. Such an attitude can lead to undesirable problems, especially now, when the volume of internet fraud and fake malware programs increases so rapidly.
What are the benefits from using Eset Mobile Security?
• Complete device security for portable devices. Regardless of being a “mobile” version, it can protect a device on a high level without any limitations or restrictions.
• Antivirus function protects the device from all types of viruses one can get through downloading something via the internet or special programs. Eset antivirus will spot the malware and notify the user about it, asking for deleting the problem completely.
• Anti-theft protection will defend the phone from scammers, which usually go after users’ personal information and credit data.
• Included firewalls will cut out the possibility of undesirable connection between your device and different computers, networks or hosts. You will always get a notification before connecting to any of those.
• Security audit function will be of great help to any user who tries to keep his or her personal information for any sensitive data as safe as possible.
• There is even MMS and SMS anti spam function pre-installed. You can get rid of all the spam on your device and block the accounts and phone numbers that cause the problem. This feature is very useful nowadays, as many companies and businesses use spam-mailing methods to promote their services.

How to get started

First of all you should identify the platform you are using. Eset Mobile Security operates on all mobile devices, including smartphones, Windows Phone OS, Symbian OS and PDAs. The company has an official website with a handy interface where you learn about different tariffs in detail and choose the best option for yourself. This step is really important because prices on different tariffs depend on various options and services they provide: there are basic plans and more advanced ones for experienced users. Consider everything wisely before paying and in case you have any questions you can contact the support team via phone or email that are shown on the website.
ESET company is well known for its systems of bonuses and discounts. For instance, you can get a 30% discount if you have already used the antivirus from another brand and decided to switch to Eset Mobile Security. There is also a 40% discount on expanding your tariff for the first time. The basic one offers service for one year and costs only around 10$, so the expansion of it for the second year will only cost you about 6$.

What makes Eset Mobile Security so popular?

The long history, the availability of different bonuses and discounts, convenient functions and positive attitude to customers are the main reasons for the popularity of this antivirus software. There is even the option to install it completely free to use basic features it offers like antivirus and real-time scanning. No program on the market can offer such convenient services for such a pleasant price!