How to Pick the Best VPN Provider When You Are a Torrent User?

How to Pick the Best VPN Provider When You Are a Torrent User? - Post Thumbnail

Using a VPN, a user is able to hide his or her activity on the Internet. It often includes torrent downloads. However, far from all VPN providers offer this feature. It’s essential to get the most secure and reliable service. Let’s discover how to do it and what are the top choices you can rely on.

The algorithm of choosing a VPN provider for torrent users

First of all, when looking for such a company, you should pay attention to the section with features. It often mentions whether you can use it with BitTorrent and other sites. Another factor to consider is the level of security. You must be sure your activities are not logged, tracked or stored. Once you get the list of the results, you can narrow it down using your expectations. There may be some other features you need or want.

Finally, find out about the pricing. This is also one of the key factors since it can range from $2-3 to $13-15 per month. Look for the services that offer a test period and make sure you want to go on using the company’s services. In addition, it’ll be wise to get an annual plan as it greatly cuts down the cost.

Top VPN providers you can get to use torrents

To sum up the best options, there are 5 best services you can explore and start using. They are:

  • ExpressVPN;
  • NordVPN;
  • CyberGhost;
  • IPVanish;
  • PrivateVPN.

These companies offer the best deals and quality of services. For instance, IPVanish was designed specifically for torrenting. Others keep no logs and have a decent speed. Let’s find out more about each option.

ExpressVPN is the best choice in all categories. It provides with guaranteed security, has a kill switch, and very high download speed. In addition to torrenting, this choice is great to unblock streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. The only minor disadvantage is that it cost a bit more than similar VPNs.

NordVPN can also come in handy. It’s a very popular VPN provider that supports up to 6 simultaneous connections. The company has specific servers that are optimized for torrent-related activities. Just like the previously mentioned ExpressVPN, it keeps no logs and has a kill switch to end the session before the connection is lost. Mind that some servers here are unreliable and slow down the Internet speed.

CyberGhost is much cheaper and offers a special profile that is designed for private torrenting. They don’t keep logs and prove to deliver high speeds. However, you can’t use it to unlock streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu.

IPVanish stands out by securing the anonymous signup and payment. It was designed for torrents and can be used with Kodi and Amazon FireTV. On the other hand, you can’t reach Netflix, Hulu, or live support chat.

PrivateVPN is the youngest provider on the list. However, it is certain to satisfy the users by extremely fast speeds, the absence of logs, reliable encryption, etc. You may access all streaming services but there aren’t many servers you can connect to.