Buffered VPN: The Pros and Cons of the Service

Buffered VPN: The Pros and Cons of the Service - Post Thumbnail

Hungary-based little company has gradually and confidently built its reputation as a reliable VPN provider. It’s small because the network only delivers 37 locations. However, it makes up for it with numerous advantages. Let’s look at the most important features and the failed moments.

The controversial features and facts

There’s no trial period. Unlike most similar services, you can’t have a free week or even month. You are allowed to have one free hour per month which is basically nothing. However, the company has a 30-day refund policy. It means that if you signed up and didn’t like the service within the 1st month, you just write them a letter (explaining the reason) and get your money back.

It’s also quite expensive if you use it on a monthly basis (about $13 per month). You can cut down the price to $6.95 and $4.12 by choosing a 1-year or 2-year plan respectively.

Another arguable disadvantage is its terms of privacy. While the policy states that the company values users’ privacy and rights and doesn’t track their online traffic, there are no details. Buffered VPN doesn’t determine anything in particular about the session data, IP addresses, etc.

The company also uses only OpenVPN protocol. It’s the most secure existing protocol and yet many users don’t find it enough. When you need to be able to choose the type of protocol, check out other VPN providers.

The best Buffered VPN has to offer

The speed and performance are good, regardless of the name. You can expect 55Mbps on the UK servers and about 50Mbps in the near European locations as well as the USA. Some servers deliver much worse results. For instance, Romania, Argentina, and Australia have only 10Mbps (sometimes a bit more).

The users are sure to enjoy the easy interface. Since this is often the decision-making factor, Buffered VPN developed the simplest software. You can also get the configuration guides on iOS, Android, or your router to learn more if needed. It’s compatible with major devices that run on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. You can also use it with smart TVs and routers.

One of the biggest advantages is the possibility to unlock Netflix, Hulu, and US-only YouTube content. If you doubt it, use the available one free hour to check and see for yourself. It’ll also be enough to test some other features you are interested in.

Online support is also very good. You can discover various resources on the official website. However, some provided information may be misleading. Go to the FAQ section to find answers to the most probable questions. In case it’s not enough, you can address them via email or live chat.

The bottom line

The Buffered VPN provider is the newcomer on the market. Yet, it managed to get to the top 10 companies in this industry. Mostly, it’s due to the good speed, high compatibility, and access to Netflix. Some things definitely need improvement to catch up with the rivalry companies.